Exhibit of 1980s Pop Artist Keith Haring Comes to Miami

The barking dog, the baby, the dancing figures — Keith Haring’s artwork is instantly familiar.

According to The Keith Haring Foundation, early in his career Haring became interested in the idea of bringing his art to as many people as possible.  From 1980 to 1985, his chalk drawings in New York’s subway stations reached out to the general public.  Then in 1986, Haring opened Pop Shop, a New York store that sold T-shirts and other merchandise featuring his artwork.  Even after he died from complications related to AIDS in 1990, the store continued until 2005.

Yet Haring had achieved his goal of making his art more available to the public.

On March 6-10, 2013, Haring Miami displays over 200 of Haring’s works at the Moore Building in the Design District.  In an email interview with SFGN, Reed V. Horth, creative director for Haring Miami, discussed stand-out pieces at the exhibit, Haring’s contributions to the LGBT community, and the public’s connection with his work.

For complete article, see South Florida Gay News.


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