Queer Literature: Educe Literary Journal Publishes “High School Bible”

“High School Bible” started out as a poem in one of Campbell McGrath‘s workshops– a mix of prose poem/ free verse/ epistolary/ collage/ list/ misc.

This poem gave me a voice to explore grief, family history, identity and connections to pop culture.  It’s a longer work– about 10 pages.  For that reason, I didn’t know if it would ever get published in a literary journal or magazine.  But for years, I kept sending it out anyway.

Finally, Educe Literary Journal sent me an email– they wanted to publish “High School Bible.”  Not as a poem– as nonfiction.

Since the work itself is already mixing different forms of poetry, I figured why not add another genre?

And it was nonfiction.  So I said yes, let’s call it that.  For now, anyway.

What’s interesting–when I thought of  it as a poem, I could place myself at more of a distance from the work.  Now it feels like some of that is gone.

Yet there’s always distance– it’s never “me” in the poem or the memoir.  It’s a structured version of “me.”

In this case, it’s “me” traveling on many Greyhound buses, searching for a place of belonging (emotionally/ geographically), trying to connect with the family history I know/ don’t know, and dealing with my mother’s death.

I am really honored to have “High School Bible” included in Educe, particularly because they are a journal committed to publishing queer literary voices.

The current issue of Educe Literary Journal can be purchased online here.


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